David Gaughan

Head of Operations

David Gaughan's Photo

David joined Right There in 2002

I started out as a support worker with Right There…and I loved the charity so much that I’m still here 20 years later as Head of Operations.

My values are central to everything I do at work. I believe in equality and inclusion for everyone; that discrimination should be challenged in all its guises.

Everyone deserves opportunities to make their own lives better, and everyone should have a good place to call home.

My experience in managing and developing various types of services over the years really helps my day-to-day work with Right There. I’m able to focus on accommodation for people transitioning through homelessness, or I can concentrate on outreach support and counselling and mentoring services.

Seeing people move forwards in their lives will always make this work worthwhile for me.

“ Home for me is a place of joy, love, laughter and duvet days.”

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