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“It feels like home.”

Bradley explains why supported accommodation is helping him.


Bradley, 22, arrived at our supported accommodation in Glasgow after a experiencing burn-out, following stress at home and with work.

Bradley has experience of living in care, while growing up, and has been involved in the justice system. Our supported accommodation creates a stable and supportive place for Bradley to plan his future.

“It feels like home. I’ve got somewhere to sleep at night. I’m happy I’ve got people to talk to if I need them. I’ve got my own  space, peace and quiet. It’s a welcome change of pace.”

Plans for the future

As support workers help Bradley to take the steps to create the life he deserves, Bradley is also planning to return to his passion for cooking and career as a chef.

“I started training when I was about 15. I was a kitchen porter…but I was more interested in the food than the dishes! So I asked to train. I went on to work in the pizza section and concentrated on my pastas and doughs.”

“We know that for some people, home is a place they’re going that they’ve never been before.”

“ My nana cooked a lot when we were growing up and helped us cut onions and learn to peel veg…so that was where my love for cooking really started.  I’d also watch my mum make dinners when she got home from work, saying ‘What are you making? How is it done?’

“Although I loved being a chef, when I was 18 I became a dad and I was doing night feeds as well as 60-hour weeks at work. I was burning myself out. I had to take some time off.

“Being a chef is still what I want to be, as cooking isn’t a job to me; it’s a way I can make people happy and make money too.”

“Although things are on the backburner just now, I have everything to look forward to. And if I need help or I’m worried about something, I can talk to the staff at Right There. They are always there for us.”

Bradley is part of Right There’s ‘At Home’ programme, which alongwith a safe place to live, our team provide emotional support to help young people take steps to move forward in their lives.

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