What does home mean to you?

For some people, home is a place they’re going that they’ve never been before. We help them find it.

We are Right There, a charity that provides tailored support for people, at home and in the community.

From the voices of people we support in Scotland, discover “What Home Means” to them.

Who We Are

We are Right There for people in local communities across Scotland. Our amazing teams work closely with people of all ages to provide the right support at the right time, giving them the confidence to make their own way in life.

We offer tailored support including mentoring, coaching, counselling and supported accommodation with the goal of preventing people from becoming homeless or separated from the ones they love.

Support Today

Together we can prevent homelessness for children, individuals, and families in our communities.

Stories from the people we support

We know every person’s story is unique, and everyone’s route home is different.

Read about the personal journeys of the young people, adults and families we support and walk alongside within our local communities.

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