Right There
for 200 years

For two centuries, our charity has been rooted in communities, walking alongside people of all ages facing the toughest times in life. Today, children and adults are facing challenges like never before.

As we commemorate our 200th year, join our movement to help prevent homelessness, one person at a time.

Our Journey

Since 1824, we’ve provided on the ground support to people experiencing poverty or social inequality; people fleeing violence, family breakdowns or addictions. Whatever the reason, we aren’t here to judge – only to help.

Last year we supported 4,000 people of all ages with tailored one-to-one support. From providing safe homes to emotional wellbeing and family support as well as community outreach, we have always adapted our programmes to meet the ever changing needs of the communities we work with.

We will continue to be right there for as long as it takes for everyone to have an equal chance to create a safe and supportive place to call home.

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Our History

For some people, home is a place they’ve never been before. For 200 years, we’ve helped them find it. It’s a shocking reality that in 2024 homelessness still exists and inequalities continue to deepen. Since our founding our mission hasn’t wavered  – we’ve always been here to help without judgement.

Our CEO Janet Haugh, talks about the reality of homelessness and how we can be Right There for people, helping to prevent homelessness, one person at a time.
Council refuses to pass on uplift in Housing Benefit as Scottish Government prepares to declare a housing emergency
Right There’s CEO, writes in the Herald of the impact of the charity in terms of reduced need for health and social care services.

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