Right support at the right time

There are many different reasons why someone might become homeless: trauma from childhood, relationship breakdowns, becoming separated from family, or facing struggles with addiction.

Everyone’s story is unique, and we know that what works for one person won’t work for everyone. And the way someone responds to help depends on their past and current situation.

Putting the person first

Building trust and allowing people to feel safe are critical first steps in delivering  support. We take a psychologically informed environment (PIE) approach across our programmes. That means matching each individual’s psychological and emotional needs with the right practical support. Our dedicated and skilled staff work closely with partners to deliver this, combining life-transforming counselling and family support with that essential, accessible practical assistance via housing solutions and advice.

Building trust and allowing people to feel safe are critical first steps in delivering support.

Theory of Change

The changes we hope to see

When people first come to us, they might be experiencing trauma, mistrust in others, or be feeling at the lowest point in their life. But what we know is that what is in our past is nothing compared to what we have inside us.

Our Theory of Change reflects feedback from the people we support on what small and big changes happen for them during their time with us. It also draws on the insights of our trained social care teams and academics in this area.

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