As part of our Magical Moments campaign we heard from Rhianna and her family about the support that they’ve received from Right There this year.

At a young age, Rhianna lost her nana, and with that the family lost their support system, which sadly led to them becoming homeless for 6 months. When a young person experiences trauma they often don’t know how to deal with their feelings, and it can unravel in different ways. For Rihanna this major event had a big impact on her school attendance and conflict arising at home with her mum and step-mum.

When a family reaches what’s often called a crisis point by social work, they can be referred to Right There’s Intensive Family Support team in Glasgow.

This programme offers 1-1 support for families going through tough times, helping them realise their strengths, improve communication, and equip them to create healthier and happier relationships with each other.

For 6 months, the family have been getting support from the programme. And Jena their support worker has been working closely with the whole family to listen to their voice and work alongside them to improve relationships and support Rhianna back to school.

As the family’s support worker, Jena, provides tailored emotional and practical support to every member of the family. From advocating to the school, providing support with counselling sessions, and working with mum and Rhianna to resolve conflict in a healthy way which allow them to improve their communication styles and prevent future issues arising.

Rhianna said: “I really enjoy the time I spend with Jena and doing things away from the house.  I feel like having time with her alone helps me to open up and talk about things that are on my mind. I am even enjoying going back to school with my favourite lesson is cooking.”

Since getting support from Right There things have started to change with Rhianna now attending school again and having the confidence and awareness of how to manage her behaviour in a positive way.

What’s more, the family have seen a huge change in Rhianna which is having an impact on family life.

Mum said: “Without the support from Right There, things would be a real struggle, our support worker is a massive help to us.”

Rhianna’s step-mum Chloe added: “My magical moment is seeing Rhianna brighter after the help from Right There, I am seeing her confidence grow. She’s becoming more independent and it’s so good to see her happy and enjoying school.”

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