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In the initial stages of the Right There rebrand we knew we wanted to create an identity that felt warm and authentic; visualising Right There’s person-centred approach.

The renaming process took us a while – one of the hardest things to do is sum up an entire organisation in one or two words. Working closely with and listening to people in the organisation, we chose Right There out of a long list of options because it was emotive, immediate and truly represented the charity and was authentic to the way the teams actually spoke – they are there for everyone, without judgement, without hesitation.

Feedback from people being supported by the charity had really emphasised that the team went above and beyond –  through issues of addiction, poverty, insecure housing or homelessness, they are always Right There with personal, tailored support.

The concept of ‘Home’ was at the centre of the whole brand. From adults struggling with homelessness to children living in care, the charity provides hope to the people it works with; making those they help feel safer, happier and more confident by giving them stable environments to call home.

“From adults struggling with homelessness to children living in care, the concept of ‘Home’ was at the centre of the whole brand.”

Visual Identity

It was important that the brand visualised this concept of ‘Home’ and signified warmth, positivity and solidarity. Images and photography are housed in abstract bearer shapes that represent the shelters and support that Right There provides. When images & photography are placed in the bearer shapes, they appear right there in the centre – putting all the focus on the subject.


Illustration is one of the most important points of differentiation for our visual identity. We commissioned illustrator Analisa Aza to create a series of hand-drawn pencil illustrations; lifelike but semi-sketched and built up in warm colours. They feel honest, emotive and thoughtful, illustrating a sense of personal history and storytelling that suggest ‘seeing someone for who they are’.

Photography & Videography

We also knew from the beginning that photography and videography would play an important part in the Right There rebrand; it’s often the most emotive element of a charity’s identity. Photography can tell a powerful story and help us challenge stereotypes. Videography allowed us to capture the interactions and dynamics between people that help explain what we mean by ‘Home’.

We commissioned long-term Tangent collaborator Stuart Edwards, who was able to spend time with some residents over a number of days to capture the people that Right There work for. Stuart’s work is not overly stylised, rather it feels real and authentic, accurately representing the people featured and capturing a whole range of moods and sentiments.

Tone of Voice

The tone of voice for an organisation like this must be approachable, honest and human, first and foremost.  We also wanted the language to convey the way staff, volunteers and people being supported actually spoke about the support they received and the impact of the work.  We took the key values of respect, compassion and integrity and built our recommendations around them: all communications should treat everyone the same way, with dignity and respect, and without judgement.

Right There’s ultimate goal is about lifting up those who need support and empowering them to make changes, so communications don’t patronise them or portray them as helpless. There’s always an underlying theme of positivity, acceptance and hope.

This is the kind of project we love to take on at Tangent – a brilliant team helping and supporting people without judgement. It’s been great to work with everyone at Right There and we look forward to seeing where the organisation goes from here.

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