Social Impact Report

This report unveils our new Outcomes Framework, a tool developed with Sonnet Advisory & Impact CIC, to measure our impact. It also presents an evaluation of our current social impact.

This report is instrumental in evaluating and communicating the difference that Right There makes across Scotland. By employing a robust mixed-methods research approach, the report combines narrative storylines of real experiences with economic valuations to illustrate the comprehensive difference that Right There makes. The primary aim is to quantify the socio-economic benefits generated by Right There’s diverse offer, providing a clear evidence base to support ongoing measurement and future operations.

Sonnet Advisory & Impact CIC has worked closely with Right There to provide:

  • An articulation of the value being brought by Right There for the people the organisation supports, their families, their communities and the state. These are expressed with the benefit of storylines for the ‘typical groups of people’ Right There supports.
  • An expansion of the existing Theory of Change to explain the detail of how outcomes are delivered, including not just the activities done, but the approaches to delivering them (i.e. the way activities are delivered that makes the difference).
  • An outcomes framework which enables Right There to continue to effectively measure the difference they make. This includes sets of indicators which evidence that an outcomes has been achieved, and suggestions for quantitative and qualitative data collection and frequency of this. This framework has also been distilled into Right There’s three key areas of focus: ‘At Home, For People and In the Community’.
  • A financial (socio-economic) evaluation reflecting the outcomes being achieved, identifying which stakeholder is benefiting and how.

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