As we celebrate our 200 year anniversary, we pledge to increase our efforts to prevent homelessness.

This year, we are marking our 200th anniversary by raising awareness of Scotland’s cost-of-living and housing crises. Building on last year’s support for 4,000 individuals, we are pledging to extend our reach, supporting an extra 2,000 people, helping to prevent them becoming homeless or separated from the people they love. 

Right There was founded in 1824 by evangelist David Naismith, to provide a lifeline for young men in Glasgow who were suffering from growing inequalities.

Joining focuses with the YMCA Glasgow in 1848 the charity has evolved over two centuries to become Right There. We have expanded our demographic to support anyone of any age facing a tough time, with the vision that everyone deserves an equal chance to have a safe place to call home.   

Right There Chief Executive, Janet Haugh said: “While two centuries of supporting people faced with the trauma of homelessness is a significant milestone, and one we are exceptionally proud of, it is bittersweet that in the 21st century, the world’s sixth richest nation still is in such crisis over housing.   

“It’s a shocking reality that in 2024 inequalities and poverty are continuing to grow and severely impacting many lives. Homelessness is at an all-time high, with 45 children a day becoming homeless in Scotland and one in four people living in poverty.   

“Things are getting tougher, and this is not an acceptable reality for modern day. As we mark our 200-year anniversary, we are making a strong commitment to always being right there for as long as it takes.”  

Throughout the years we have been responsive to the needs of those we help. What was once an organisation focused on community advocacy has now evolved its approach to focus on each individual person’s needs, and meeting them where they are in life. From providing safe homes to emotional wellbeing and family support to outreach in the community, we have adapted and will continue to adapt for as long as it takes until everyone has an equal chance in life. 

Janet Haugh added: “The incredible resilience we see from people in the face of hardship is what drives us to keep championing positive change. No one should be without a roof over their head in this day and age, and we will provide support and advocate for change, for as many more decades or centuries as it takes. 

“We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported our charity over the decades. By working together, we can prevent homelessness, one person at a time.”

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